Phony Jam 2018
Joe Enke Presents

Phony Jam 2018

  • Venue:Aftershock
  • Date:Saturday May 05, 2018
  • Doors:7:00 PM
  • Age:All Ages / Minor Upcharge at Door
  • Prices:
A local jam night designed to bring local musicians together for a bunch of fun. We set up a backline and let people or whole bands sign up to play songs you loved growing up. This mash up of local artists coming to together to jam is all for fun and it is a riot.
SO basically, We are opening up the song list so people pick the songs themselves The format is as such.
John Smith turned in:
Faith No More - Epic
V - .
LG - John Smith
RG -
B -
D -

That means John Wants to play lead guitar for the song "Epic".

You can turn in as many songs as you like, when the songs fill up they are then put on a separate list and musicians will be notified and have to coordinate learning of the songs.

We provide 1 drum set, 2 guitar rigs, 1 bass, 3 vox up front - everyone shares those, but brings their own instruments. keyboards will need to be brought by musician

Musicians please add your songs and position you want to play to this list.